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KAIVAC Accessories and Spare Parts - Omniflex

Squeegee head 25 cm
Carpet extractor
Wide-area squeegee brush 70 cm
Gatling Gun Lance
Wide-area squeegee head 70 cm
Gatling Gun Grouter
Carpet extraction brush head
AutoVac add-on kit
Gatling Gun Pistol
Upholstery tool
Mohawk grout brush
1-piece vacuum wand with Mohawk grout brush
1-piece vacuum wand
Squeegee Head 37 cm
2-Piece Vacuum Wand
2-piece vacuum wand with 37 cm squeegee head
Pressure hose 9,5 m
Pressure hose 13,5 m
Stretch vacuum hose 13,5 m
Blow Nozzle
Dump hose
Dump hose cap
Replacement 25 cm squeegee blade
Replacement 37 cm squeegee blade
Replacement squeegee head brush bristles
Spray gun
Squeegee head brush
Stainless steel wheel assembly for squeegee head
Vacuum Wand Brass Ring

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Vacuum Wand Coupler
Vacuum Wand Nut
Window squeegee
Ergo speed spreader
Microfiber bin with lid
Microfiber bin with lid and casters
OmniFlex horn kit
OmniFlex shelved supply bag kit
OmniFlex trash bag

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OmniFlex trolley-bucket straight handle
Pop-up safety cone
Speed spreader pads - 5 pack
Vacuum wand and hose kit
Vacuum wand and hose kit for food service
AutoVac tote bag 25 cm
AutoVac mop pads 67 cm - 5 Pack
Food service vacuum hose 10,5 m
OmniFlex AutoVac arm
OmniFlex AutoVac vacuum hose
OmniFlex handle post
OmniFlex spigot
OmniFlex spigot handle
OmniFlex trolley-bucket handle
OmniFlex vacuum tank
OmniFlex wet AC vacuum motor
Replacement AutoVac squeegee blade
Tote bag
Door Wedge
AutoVac mop pads 67 cm - 5 Pack